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Care Steps To Take With Bandsaw Blades

Bandsaws are one of the more powerful saws that can be used to cut through things like wood and metal. So that you're able to use this cutting instrument for a long time, you need to be careful with how you maintain its blades.

Break New Blades in Correctly

When you set up a new blade on your bandsaw, you don't want to just use it like you normally would. Using it at speeds and settings you're used to will expose the new blade to damage because it requires a break-in period.

This involves slowing down the speed and being extra careful when cutting into materials for the first time. Then once the blade's teeth have time to wear down and settle in, you can start using the blade like you're accustomed to. You'll maximize the overall lifespan of whatever new blades you purchase if you follow these protocols.

Don't Use Water as a Lubricant

A lot of bandsaw operators use lubricants to help their blades work great without overheating. You can do the same so long as you don't rely on water as a lubricant solution. Some operators still try this and then have rust develop shortly after.

You want to instead use a lubricant that protects against rust, as well as provides optimal cutting action on a consistent basis. If you're trying to only apply a small amount of lubricant to portions of your blade, then a spray mist lubricant would suffice. Whereas if you're looking for an eco-friendly choice, vegetable-based oils are superior.

Use a Sharpening Stone at Certain Intervals

Your bandsaw's blades are going to eventually wear down. It happens to every blade no matter what type of materials you cut with it. In order to get the blade's teeth back to the correct sharpness levels, you can use a resource known as a sharpening stone.

It's durable and can be used to prime the teeth on your blades, ultimately restoring their cutting action. You just need to use this stone on both sides of the blade as to restore the teeth correctly. Also, be sure to constantly check teeth sharpness so that you know when to use this resource again.

Bandsaws require quality blades in order to cut through materials safely and effectively. If you have this cutting instrument, make sure you know how to keep the blades fully primed and maintained. That will save you blade repairs and improve the quality of cut you get with this instrument.

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