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Three Reasons To Have A Soda Fountain In Your Restaurant

Soft drinks are a fixture in most restaurants, which means that if you're in the process of getting ready to open a new eatery, you likely plan to include soft drinks on your menu. There are a few different ways to make soft drinks available to your patrons. One option is to have your patrons order their drinks off the menu and have servers deliver their orders to the table. Another option is to have a soda fountain in an area of the restaurant that is easy for people to access. The latter scenario offers a number of advantages that may appeal to you.

Here are three reasons to have a soda fountain in your restaurant. 

It Frees Up Your Servers

Allowing your patrons to get their own soft drinks reduces the workload on your servers. Many people order multiple drink refills over the course of a meal, which means that a server can easily spend a few minutes filling glasses and delivering them to a table. This task may get in the way of some of the server's other duties, especially when the dining room is crowded. When you have a soda fountain for your patrons to use, your servers will have more time for other tasks.

It Reduces The Use Of Glasses

When a restaurant patron orders a refill of their soft drink, it's common for a server to bring them a new glass rather than refill their existing glass. Having a fresh, new glass can be appealing to the patron, but this situation will dramatically increase the number of glasses that a restaurant uses during meal service. For example, if a table of four patrons gets three soft drinks each over the course of a meal, the table will use 12 glasses. This results in a significant volume of glasses that require washing. When you have a soda fountain, your patrons will refill their existing glasses — reducing the restaurant's overall use of glassware.

It Keeps Patrons Happy

Some restaurant patrons who are shy may not want to ask their server for refills. This type of individual would likely have no trouble approaching a soda fountain and pouring themselves a new drink, however. Such patrons will enjoy helping themselves to one or more refills throughout the meal, which can help to augment their overall dining experience.

To choose a soda fountain for your restaurant, check out the website of a restaurant equipment supplier.